Reno Bible lists the top 2019 interior design trends to look out for in the new year

8 Top Design Trends to Ring in the New Year

It’s always very exciting to start fresh in the new year, especially when considering renovating your home. But how can you decide on what design direction you’re going to take when there are so many amazing options out there? Not to worry, after reading this article, you will have a lot of good inspiration to pick and choose from for your 2019 renovation.


Reno Bible displays a fresh interior design trend known as 3D art tiles to look out for in the new year
Art Tiles – To be featured in the upcoming Reno Bible Modern Graphics Spec Book

1. 3D Tiles – More than just a wall saver, tiles today can be used as art. Whether you’re using your tiles as a feature wall, or a way to bring colour into your space, they now come in amazing options that can bring WOW to any wall. They can create subtle interest within a space if using all the same colour, or they can really impact the look of a space in a profound way. Just ensure that you use 3-D tiles in a place that doesn’t get sprayed with grease on a regular basis. Some styles are a little bit more challenging to clean than others.


2019 home renovation interior design trends include antique brass hardware and fixtures in this list made by Reno Bible
Trinsic Faucet (bronze) – As featured in the Reno Bible Scandinavian Nouveau Spec Book

2. Antique Brass Hardware and Fixtures – When this trend started a few years ago, we weren’t so sure that it was going to last. But now we are certain that this elegant trend is here to stay. There are many colour options today to choose from when selecting your hardware and plumbing fixtures. Try to stick to one or two metal colors within one room. Between graphic tiles, paint colours and multiple finishes to choose from for your fixtures, you want to try to keep your space calm and sophisticated. You don’t want to be overstimulated when using your powder room.


In this list of top interior design trends for 2019, Reno Bible talks about how you can apply tiles that look like concrete for a more industrial and electric look
Peau de béton Tile – As featured in the Reno Bible Enduring Modern Spec Book

3. Concrete Tiles – Over the years we’ve seen porcelain tile do a remarkable job of mimicking natural materials like stone and wood. We are now seeing porcelain tiles do an amazing job of copying concrete. It can be very expensive to cast concrete in your home, and if you’re not building your home from scratch, then it’s nearly impossible to get this look. Today you can have your tiler apply tiles that look and feel just like concrete to achieve a more industrial or eclectic look.


Home renovation and interior design trends to look out for in the new year include large format tiles, according to Reno Bible
Mark Floor Gypsum Tile 18” x 36” – As featured in the Reno Bible Eclectic Chic Spec Book

4. Large Format Tiles – Thank goodness this trend is here to stay. Today you can find large format tiles almost anywhere. Sizes to look for include:

  • 18“ x 36“
  • 24“ x 48“
  • 48“ x 48“
  • 60“ x 60“
  • 48“ x 96“

We love large tiles because they allow for fewer grout lines and create the illusion of a larger space. Just ensure that your floor and walls are good and level before proceeding with the install of large format tiles. These tiles can be tricky to install. If they aren’t installed by someone who has experience, you do risk lipping at the edge of the tiles or having the tiles crack.


Consider LED light bulbs for all of your lighting needs - and other interior design trends to look out for in the new year - Reno Bible
20th C. Factory Filament Light in Burnished Brass As featured in the Reno Bible Traditional Whimsy Spec Book

5. LED Light Bulbs –OK, so this trend isn’t a new one, but the technology is evolving every year and it’s important that you consider LED light bulbs for all of your lighting needs. The latest trend that we’re seeing is LED Edison bulbs. Light fixtures that show off Edison bulbs are very popular and trendy coming into 2019. When selecting your light bulbs for these fixtures consider using LED bulbs. Choose a good quality LED bulb to get great colour rendition that simulates authentic Edison bulbs. You will spend more money on these light bulbs, but they will last you much longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.


Contrasting grout is one of the top interior design trends that Reno Bible shows carrying into 2019
Trapez White Tile – As featured in the Reno Bible Iconic Modern Spec Book

6. Contrasting Grout – This is a trend that is carrying into 2019. We are seeing tiles being produced in many different shapes, and what better way to accentuate the shape of the tile then by contrasting your grout colour to the tile. Traditionally, Tiles would come in squares, rectangles, and hexagons. Today we are seeing tiles come in a wide range of unique shapes to bring amazing patterns to your home’s interior. Graphics no longer need to be printed on the tiles, but rather the shapes of the tiles bring graphics and patterns to life when contrasting your grout colour.


Reno Bible shows how prefab washroom vanities are one of the top interior design trends to anticipate in the new year
Bliss Grey Oak Vanity – As featured in the Reno Bible Industrial, Cement Spec Book

7. Prefab Washroom Vanities – This is also a trend that has been around for a while, but today we are seeing so many amazing styles coming forward for 2019. These washroom vanities come in all sorts of styles and all sorts of finishes to suit every space today. Not only are they easy and practical, but they are well-made and make it easy for the consumer to choose a style that’s perfect for them as they often come with countertop, hardware and sink options.


Read more of today’s article by Reno Bible to learn more about round or oval mirrors and other interior design trends of 2019
Infinity Round Mirror – As featured in the Reno Bible Colour & Joy, Hint of Colour Spec Book

8. Round or Oval Mirrors – We find that round mirrors instantly transform a room by bringing light and character to it. Whether you’re using a smaller round mirror or a very large round mirror, it is bound to create a great feel in any space from a powder room to a living room. Don’t forget to add great looking sconces or pendant lighting above or at the sides of your mirror to complete the look.

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