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Tips from a pro on how and where to mount your bathroom accessories.

Tips on How & Where to Mount your Bathroom Accessories

It can be tricky to know exactly where to mount your washroom accessories while your project is under construction. It’s useful to know ahead of time so that your contractor can add blocking in the walls at the time of the build so that your accessories are secured to the wall properly. Whether it’s determining how high to mount your toilet paper dispenser or where to mount your robe hooks, it really helps to get a designer’s expert advice on these sorts of details before your project is completed.


How to mount bathroom accessories such as a toilet paper holder.
Aquabrass TP holder – As featured in the Reno Bible Timeless Modern spec.

1. Toilet paper holder – Always mount your toilet paper dispenser beside the toilet. Do not mount your toilet paper holder on the wall behind you, or in front of you. If you don’t have a wall or vanity to mount your toilet paper dispenser to, then consider going with a floor mounted option. It’s extremely awkward to reach for the toilet paper if it’s not beside you. Next, if possible, always mount your TP holder anywhere in line with the front edge of the bowl to 6” in front of the bowl. Once that’s worked out, mounting height should fall between 24” – 30” off of the floor. 


How to mount bathroom accessories such as a towel bar.
Aquabrass Towel Bar – As featured in the Reno Bible Timeless Modern spec.

2. Towel bar – Whether you are a towel bar fan or a towel hook fan, it helps to know where to mount your towel bar so that it’s being used in a way that makes sense for you. If you are thinking about mounting a towel bar for your hand towels, I would recommend reconsidering and using a hook or towel ring directly beside your sink instead. Chances are, you will have to mount a towel bar across or away from your sink to make enough room for the hanging towel. If this is the case, you will wind up dripping water onto your floor as you make your way to the towel. But towel bars are very useful for drying your bath towels. Mount your towel bar approximately 48” off the floor so that you leave enough room for an extra large bath towel to hang. If you don’t have enough room to mount a towel bar, consider using robe hooks instead.


How to mount bathroom accessories such as a robe hook.
Agora Robe Hook – As featured in the Reno Bible Eclectic Chic Spec Book

3. Robe Hooks – Towels are what generally hang from these hooks, despite their name.  Depending on the height of the person using the washroom, you will want to mount your robe hook anywhere from 55”-60” off the floor. If there are children using the washroom, you can mount your hooks as low as 42” off the floor. Creating a random pattern with cool looking robe hooks can add to the design of your washroom and make the space function well for everyone. There are many different styles of robe hooks to choose from, even ones that spread your towels out so that they can dry effectively. I also recommend mounting a single convenience hook right next to your shower, or even inside your shower. Another great way to use your robe hook, is to create a spot to hang your bath mat. I usually tuck it in discretely at the side of a vanity. You can bypass fluffy bath mats and show off your beautiful new bathroom floor,  if you have a readily accessible bath mat hanging instead of drying on the floor.


How to hang bathroom accessories such as a towel ring.
Aqua Korsa Towel Ring – As featured in the Reno Bible Scandinavian Cottage Spec Book

4. Towel Rings – Like your towel bar, your towel rings should hang at about 48” off the finished floor. If there are 2 sinks, it makes sense to have 2 towel rings, one for each sink. This is easier said than done since not all double sink vanities have a wall on each side. When planning out your washroom, try to plan for there to be a wall on each side of your vanity so that each sink has a designated towel, or be prepared to screw a towel ring into the side of your vanity.


How to mount your bathroom accessories such as a makeup mirror.
LED Light Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror

5. Makeup or Shaving Mirror- You need to plan the installation of these mirrors ahead of time, since most have built-in lighting that needs to be hard-wired. They also need to have blocking in behind to ensure it stays mounted to your wall since they move around a lot. Your mirror should be installed just below eye level to the centre of the mirror. If you mount it 55” – 60” off the floor, the mirror height should be fine. If the person using the mirror is seated, a range of 40 inches to 46” should work. But, If you fall out of average height range, you will need to advise your contractor accordingly.


How to hang bathroom accessories such as artwork.
Naked Tree – by Gillian Lazanik

6. Art Work- Bringing artwork into bathrooms can really help with the overall look and feel of the space. A general rule when mounting artwork is to center the painting at 57” off the finished floor. This puts your artwork at “eye level”. If there’s something in the way like your tub or toilet, consider adjusting the size of the art piece so that you can adhere to this rule.

Please note: The recommended dimensions and clearances are based on building and design industry standards. For all intents and purposes, the dimensions given will work for the majority of people, but you should adjust them to your own size, and preferences if necessary.

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