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Exposed beams infuse personality and an industrial chic to any space.

Elements to Consider for Your Modern Farmhouse Renovation

Modern farmhouse design is a new trendy style that combines the clean lines and sleek finishes of modern design with the vintage feel of old world elements. It’s casual and comfortable, usually with a neutral colour scheme. It is a style that combines sophisticated finishes such as quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances with the warmth of rustic wide plank wood flooring, subway tiles and reclaimed anything. It’s quite a neat contrast of two opposing styles that overall creates a warm clean and classic feel to any home. This design style will stick around for many years to come. To help infuse your home with a modern farmhouse style, here are some elements to consider.


Barn Lighting

Rustic pendant lights are a great way to add personality to a modern farmhouse.
Richard Pendant Light as featured in the Reno Bible Modern Farmhouse Spec

Lighting is always a great and easy way to set the style and mood for your home. When it comes to modern farmhouse, look for items that have some vintage charm and blends the old with the new. Bell-shaped pendant lights in metal that have a slightly weathered finish bring tons of character to any modern space. Look for a combination of glass, metal and reclaimed wood to keep with the warm and cozy farmhouse feel.


Barn Doors

Barn doors are a great way to add personality to a modern farmhouse.
Barn door from Wayfair

To add interest to your home, consider installing a unique barn door. Not only is it a great space-saver, but is the perfect nod to the OG of farmhouses, or at least barn houses. Today, barn doors are widely available and more importantly, more affordable. There are many styles and colours to choose from so the possibilities are endless. For a clean and fresh style go with light neutral paint colour or go rustic and raw with a reclaimed wood door, just remember to install the barn door where it can be seen. Try to avoid using one as a bathroom door.


Shaker Style Cabinetry

Shaker style is the perfect addition to any farmhouse design.
Shaker Cabinet doors as featured in the Reno Bible Country Farmhouse Spec

We are huge fans of shaker style cabinets. They are a classic design that will stay in style for many years to come. They are the ‘modern’ in the ‘modern’ farmhouse, so while the minimal ornamentation and straight lines of the shaker cabinets lend themselves to a more modern look, these style of cabinets also function well in a farmhouse kitchen. They serve as a great backdrop for showcasing more stylish hardware, like icing a cake. Shaker style cabinets provide a high style while also being durable and long-lasting.



Shiplap walls are very popular in interior design styles today.
Shiplap Wall

A great way to add texture to any room is by installing shiplap boards. Originally used to insulate interiors and stay clear of harsh wet weather, it’s made a cheerful comeback with the modern farmhouse style. Shiplap is great because it creates texture in a subtle, non-fussy way that adds warmth to what might be a considered a cold space. When painted white, it showcases the clean lines and also makes a historical setting feel more modern. We love installing it as a feature wall to create the modern farmhouse style in any room.


Exposed Beams

Exposed beams infuse personality and an industrial chic to any space.

Got a cathedral or double-height ceilings? Or simply want to draw the eye up to a focal point in your space? Exposed beams are just the trick. Most people won’t notice whether they are real or fake, but they will notice the warmth and character exposed beams bring to a space. They work great with an open concept layout and help to connect the space and add a unique design detail. Reclaimed wood beams help break up the monotony of an all-white space and is the perfect way to add some farmhouse to a modern home.


Wide Plank Wood Floor Boards

Wide plank floor boards are popular in modern farmhouse interior design.
Flyt engineered flooring as featured in the Reno Bible Elegant Farmhouse Spec

We use wide plank floors on most of our projects these days and clients love them. Wide plank boards evoke a sense of warmth and old world charm making them a perfect choice for the modern farmhouse style. Another great quality of a wide plank is that they can make your space feel larger, and they help with squeaky floors and they create a wider surface area to help distribute your weight on a noisy subfloor. A wide plank generally starts around 6” and can be as wide as 10-12”, or even more! Depending on the quality and species of wood you choose, you can create a rustic feel with more knotty wood, or a modern feel with a less knotty choice. Either way you go, the wide plank is a timeless choice.


Reclaimed Wood

This vanity with reclaimed wood finishings is perfect for a modern farmhouse.
Fairmont vanity as featured in the Reno Bible Country Farmhouse Spec

You know how they say opposites attract, I believe the same can be said for the modern farmhouse. Adding reclaimed wood elements against a clean and sleek modern backdrop adds warmth and that good old rustic charm we all love. Some easy ways to incorporate reclaimed wood is through furniture pieces, light fixtures, and even feature walls using barn board. Infuse warmth into your bathroom by adding a vanity with a reclaimed wood design or use wall tiles that mimic real reclaimed wood without the high price tag.


Apron Sink

You can find apron sinks mostly in modern, farmhouse style designs.
Apron Sink as featured in the Reno Bible Modern Farmhouse Spec

Originating from the more classic farmhouse style, today the apron sink has evolved to adopt a more modern design with clean lines and is also offered in a variety of fun finishes including stainless steel, copper, and the classic porcelain. Nevertheless, the apron style sink still brings a cool utility feel to any kitchen because it’s often deeper and wider than traditional sinks. This cool sink works wonders in the modern farmhouse style.


Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are becoming more common in interior design.
Wheat Blue tiles as featured in the Reno Bible Country Farmhouse Spec

Tile trends come and go, but the subway tile is an oldie but a goodie. It is simple and it’s familiar, but also versatile and that makes it a classic. So it makes sense that the subway tile is a great choice for the modern farmhouse when considering your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. The choice of sizes are endless as are the colours. To add a classic vintage element, consider incorporating the subway tile in a classic white colour with a glossy or matte finish, or choose one with texture or a rustic wood style such as this wheat blue tile.


Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles such as this one are a great way to liven up any space.
Cementine Tiles as featured in the Reno Bible Modern Farmhouse Spec

Graphic tiles know how to make a statement and are not for the faint-hearted, however they are  a great way to infuse some fun into a space. If you’re going with a neutral colour scheme, graphic tiles can inject some life into your home, and life! Going for an all white or grey bathroom but want some ‘umph’ to bring the next level? Add a graphic floor tile or a feature wall and Joanna Gaines will be green with envy.

Picking tiles for a modern farmhouse can be tricky but luckily, Reno Bible….and Pinterest…..and millions of other blogs and design websites are here for some guidance. A good place to start is to look for graphics that have a subtle ornamental element and stick to basic colours that compliment the rest of your colour scheme rather than compete with it.

Up next, tips on how & where to mount your bathroom accessories.

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